1. Abcoude, The Netherlands

  2. Hanna F

  3. Hanna Fluge

    Styling: Kristin Kessler

  4. Hanna Ponth; OHLAYINDIGO

  5. Ragna Solbergnes

  6. Siri Lyche

  7. Pamela Plaza

  8. Girls from last night

  9. From behind the scenes of the new music video for Aurora Aksnes. 

  10. Os, Bergen. I love you

  11. I just started documenting the stairs outside of my window. 

  12. Jakob & Hanna


  13. First music video from öst[haus]! This is something Kristin and I have never done before, “why not?” we thought. So check it out. And also, check out music from my dear friend Hanna, or her alterego OHLAYINDIGO.

    Styling: Kristin Kessler
    MUA: Rebecca Stephens, Therese Stordahl. 
    Crew: Vilde Borse, Sigmund Evensen, Eirik Bryhn Jacobsen, Stine Charlotte Skagen Monsen.

  14. Simon

  15. Heroine: Bella